Accountants and Business Consultants

About Us


Founded in 1991, Ari Demiral & Co., Inc. is a California based full-service accounting, taxation and management consulting firm that provides financial and professional services to a wide variety of individuals and companies.  We focus on providing our clients with the best customer service and a large network of resources, assuring them the best and most complete financial and business services available.  Our offices are located in Van Nuys, California.

Because of our many years of training and experience, Ari Demiral & Company has the ability to deal with most business challenges.  We can anticipate problems and correct them, spot problems and fix them, and guide companies in making the correct business decisions.

Our clients can be found to operate their business in a wide variety of industries: apparel, direct sales and marketing, mail and fulfillment, restaurant, professional service, manufacturing, retail, health care, entertainment, and automotive.  Most clients are individuals and small to mid-size businesses.