Accountants and Business Consultants


At Ari Demiral & Co., we understand that each industry has its own issues, opportunities, and special challenges.

Through education, industry-focused training, and years of first-hand experience, our accounting and tax professionals have gained an in-depth understanding of your business and the complex issues you face daily.

Our multidisciplinary teams can produce measurable results across various industry-focused sectors in five lines of business:

Financial Services Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

Information, Communications & Entertainment Software, Electronics, Communications and Media,

      Motion Picture,  Record Studios and Entertainers

Industrial Markets   Industrial & Automotive Products, Pharmaceuticals and Transportation

Consumer Markets Consumer Products, Retail & Wholesale and Food & Beverage

Health Care & Public Sector Health Care Providers, Higher Educa
tion/Research companies

And the bottom line? Our industry-focused accounting, tax and business management team has the ability to identify your needs and deliver effective, clearly defined business strategies.